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2013 Lobby Day flyer

Lobby Day has been scheduled for March 19, 2013. This is the annual day that CMT/ABATE, Inc invites all Tennessee motorcyclists to come to the Capitol and meet with their legislators about our issues. You do not have to be a member. Just a biker!

There will be motorcycle parking at the Capitol building that will be 1st come-1st served starting at 8am. They are rolling the red carpet out for us. We need any and all to come out in gratitude.

Last year we garnered roughly 9 of our 24 Liberty co-sponsors during Lobby Day. Imagine what could have happened if you were there!

If you do not know how to locate or schedule an appointment with your House Representative and Senator for March 19th, here are your simple to follow instructions…

Go to and type in your address in the bar located under “Find my Legislator” Then hit the search button. You will be shown both your House Rep and Senator. Click on their icon and it will take you to their bio page. You will find their office phone number there.

Have a smile on your face when you call their office. Believe it or not, it carries through the line. Let them know that you are a constituent and that there will be a motorcycle lobby day on March 19th. Ask them if there will be any available time to meet with your legislative member.

They will ask you how much time you will want. Tell then 20 minutes should be enough. That way if they only have a 15 minute window it will be enough.

We will be holding an orientation from 10-11am to help you with the talking points of our legislation. The Liberty Restoration Bill will have some very different talking points this year.

If you can schedule any time after that it would be best. But if no time exists, then take what you can get and we’ll get with you in advance of your meeting. The sooner you schedule, the more slots will be open.

Please be sure to let us know when you have scheduled an appointment. It is important for us to know that a motorcycle constituent is coming when we interact with the members.

Thank you for your patriotism in advance and remember…

We can do it WITH ya. We just can’t do it WITHOUT ya!

YOUR Legislative Director,
Rhonda Rae Williams
931-205-2644 mobile / text